A voice from the past.

Cade Evans never knew a life outside the walls of District four. It was always fishing, swimming and training for her. Cade hated the countless hours she spent training. Getting to know Cade was harder done than said, her walls were stacked up high and nothing would get through to her. She was mysterious and her hard exterior made her desirable. Around District four, Cade who got away with everything, the peace keepers didn’t mind and neither did the mayor. Of course she wouldn’t be left off that easy, Cade’s body was sold for sex in exchange of doing whatever the hell she wanted and this didn’t seem to change when she was reaped at the age of 13.

Being reaped didn’t frighten Cade at all. She was trained for this and she was most certainly ready. In the Capitol, just like back in District four her body was admired and sold on the night of the interviews. It was rumored that her beauty won her the games, but it was never proven. She didn’t form an alliance with the rest of the Careers. Although, she did have one ally in particular: Ocean. He was her male tribute for the 66th annual Hunger Games and the decided together to stay away from the rest of the pact of the Careers. They would last longer in the games and during the time they spent together Cade happened to fall in love. Cade and Ocean ended up being the last four and it was time to split up. That night she saw Ocean’s face in the sky and something in her clicked that brought out her savage and unforgiving side. Nothing was the same after that and after she came out as victor. 

Who Blair is exactly to the point.  

Blair Emerson

16 years old

District 1

Blair Emerson is rather an open hearted kind of girl. After her mother’s death from witnessing Blair’s older brother Eli’s death on the 67th annual hunger games. Ever since then shes been the one to support her younger siblings. With her dad out of the picture since she was about 7 shes learned not to trust anyone or get easily attached but with her too accepting heart she can fall too easily for someone. Even though her weakness for love may be her down fall but growing up with Eli has made her for what she is: a fighter. She is what you can say your typical badass girl. She likes to show her badass exterior more than her sweet charming side only because she is what she is: a career tribute. She’ll do anything in her mind to show that she is the deadliest girl to walk among District 1. She is fact known for that around District 1. No girl in her right mind has ever tried to challenge Blair’s strength. She even catches the boys attention, the ones that are the top of being a career tributes as well. The most courageous of them even challenge her and ask her for tips for improvement. Yet, she can’t let anyone know for what shes hiding inside of her. She immensely misses the days where her brother Eli and her would spend days throwing spears, fencing, shooting bow and arrows, and knowing which plants are edible with each other but now that he’s gone. She doesn’t feel like her self anymore. She absolutely hates the capitol for what its worth. Taking everything she has and destroying it. Shes found a new hobby though to keep her mind preoccupied from thoughts about her brothers death being in the final 2, so close to coming home but well you can guess the rest and her mother of course. Shes found one thing that truly makes her happy if only for a moment which is crafting things out of the almost none to existing trees they have in district 1. The peace keepers rather her not but something like this makes her happy and thats all she wants. Happiness. She could really care less for her younger siblings. Really all she thinks of them is that they’re there just to keep her company. Yet, she doesn’t dare to let them know that if they did they’d probably run off leaving her with no one. But then again why should that matter to her she feels alone already. All her friends became distant from her once she went through depression when Eli died and a few days later her mother’s death didn’t help to that at all. All shes looking for is a clean start and for someone to fall in love with her but right now things like that seem to impossible