A voice from the past.

Sleep doesn’t come easy.  

Waking up in a panic, Cade gripped her night shirt that was now covered in sweat. It was just another nightmare. Although, it was more to Cade than just a nightmare it was her experience in the 66th annual Hunger Games coming back to life to haunt her. She wishes they would leave her alone and vanish for good, but she knows better than that. These visions is something you just can’t wish away. It’s something that will be with you forever. Slipping out of her bed, Cade made her way to her balcony. She opened her ivory colored doors and a gust of wind hit her pale white face. The fact that just in a few hours it would be Reaping Day scared the hell out of Cade. She didn’t know what to expect. Her tributes for all she knew could not be mentally strong enough to be reaped. What if they were skilled enough? What if one of them were just as young as she was when Cade was reaped? She looked out into the sea as the moon glistened brightly on it. The night was incredibly silent tonight. Which was odd for District four. Usually on reaping nights District four was going wild; celebrating and hoping that their son or daughter would bring home honor to their district. Cade didn’t understnad this at all.

Cade sighed and strolled back into her room to find her twin brother Zeth standing against her door. Zeth had been with her through everything and meant more to her than anything. He was the only one who could get past her highly built up walls. Not just anyone could do that, but Zeth knew her far too well for Cade not to open up. The only person that was able to dot his beside Zeth was Ocean. Ocean her co tribute, oh how her heart still ached for him. He protected her like she was his younger sister but treated her like a lover. Cade snapped back into reality before it was too late and down the tears would come. “Uh, Zeth, what are you doi-” Zeth cut her off before she could say anything else. “Don’t just listen.” He said as he made his way to her bed and sat down on it. “Look, tomorrow you’ll have to help two new kids for this years games. I can tell you’re scared, but you can’t zone out with them. You can’t ignore them and tell them it’s up to them to save themselves like you did with your last pair of kids.” Zeth rambled on, but not one word left Cade’s ears. She took everything to heart. “I know you loved Ocean and watching him die was hard for you, but it’s time to move on. Get over him already. There are other people out there Cade. Find someone new! That’s not the point I’m trying to make though. You have to bring home another victor for District four. You have to.” Zeth raised up from Cade’s bed and kissed her on her forehead and walked out. Cade didn’t know what to say or what to think about what Zeth just told her. Deep down, she knew he was right. It was time for her to move on and help bring her District another victor.