A voice from the past.

Sleep doesn’t come easy.  

Waking up in a panic, Cade gripped her night shirt that was now covered in sweat. It was just another nightmare. Although, it was more to Cade than just a nightmare it was her experience in the 66th annual Hunger Games coming back to life to haunt her. She wishes they would leave her alone and vanish for good, but she knows better than that. These visions is something you just can’t wish away. It’s something that will be with you forever. Slipping out of her bed, Cade made her way to her balcony. She opened her ivory colored doors and a gust of wind hit her pale white face. The fact that just in a few hours it would be Reaping Day scared the hell out of Cade. She didn’t know what to expect. Her tributes for all she knew could not be mentally strong enough to be reaped. What if they were skilled enough? What if one of them were just as young as she was when Cade was reaped? She looked out into the sea as the moon glistened brightly on it. The night was incredibly silent tonight. Which was odd for District four. Usually on reaping nights District four was going wild; celebrating and hoping that their son or daughter would bring home honor to their district. Cade didn’t understnad this at all.

Cade sighed and strolled back into her room to find her twin brother Zeth standing against her door. Zeth had been with her through everything and meant more to her than anything. He was the only one who could get past her highly built up walls. Not just anyone could do that, but Zeth knew her far too well for Cade not to open up. The only person that was able to dot his beside Zeth was Ocean. Ocean her co tribute, oh how her heart still ached for him. He protected her like she was his younger sister but treated her like a lover. Cade snapped back into reality before it was too late and down the tears would come. “Uh, Zeth, what are you doi-” Zeth cut her off before she could say anything else. “Don’t just listen.” He said as he made his way to her bed and sat down on it. “Look, tomorrow you’ll have to help two new kids for this years games. I can tell you’re scared, but you can’t zone out with them. You can’t ignore them and tell them it’s up to them to save themselves like you did with your last pair of kids.” Zeth rambled on, but not one word left Cade’s ears. She took everything to heart. “I know you loved Ocean and watching him die was hard for you, but it’s time to move on. Get over him already. There are other people out there Cade. Find someone new! That’s not the point I’m trying to make though. You have to bring home another victor for District four. You have to.” Zeth raised up from Cade’s bed and kissed her on her forehead and walked out. Cade didn’t know what to say or what to think about what Zeth just told her. Deep down, she knew he was right. It was time for her to move on and help bring her District another victor. 

Day 2 in the arena.  

Blair had survived the first night in the arena. This she was grateful for. She only had a glimpse of what faces had appeared into the sky last night. Lily, Tobias, and Magic. Seeing Magic’s face had hit her hard; he had made an impact on her, a big impact. Even though at first she wasn’t too fond of him, he had soon grown on her heart. She didn’t dare to weep over his death though, that was a sign of weakness and in the arena she couldn’t afford to be weak. Luckily, Blair knew how to climb trees, so that’s where she slept. It wasn’t too comfortable, but it gave her a full night’s rest. It was time to move again. She couldn’t stay in one place for too long someone was bound to find her. 

Moving slowly, and cautiously through the woods Blair began; she made sure the sound of her feet wouldn’t grab to much attention of an unwanted presence. Crunch after crunch the leaves went. Blair god damn wished her feet weren’t so loud. Obviously, she couldn’t help it. It feels like hours now that Blair has been walking, day 2 and she hasn’t encountered anyone. She felt blessed, she didn’t want to come across anyone unless it was Cora or Aleks. The forest was so deep and green. Nothing in District 1 could compare to this and not to mention how quite it was. It was peaceful and this soothed Blair. It made her calm. She had to get food in her stomach. She was hungry and Blair wouldn’t be able to go on through the day if she didn’t eat something soon. 

She continued walking for another hour or so until she came upon a river. Yes, this would do great for Blair. She tried to remember back to what the trainer in the training center had told her about plants. Nightlock bad and Katniss good. It wasn’t that hard to identify Katniss. It simply was a green plant, but then again so are a lot of other plants. Blair went with her gut and grabbed a handful of Katniss she saw stuck in the river. Picking off the roots she threw them into the river. She chopped down on the Katniss giving herself a sensation of sweet nectar filling her stomach. “Ooooohhh” Blair groans. “So sweet” Blair grabbed a few more Katniss from the soil and a couple of other plants she could find near by. Not knowing when the next time she would eat, she would need these plants by her side just in case. Blair cupped her hands and brought them down to the water and drank as much water she could hold down. 

Suddenly she heard some rustles within the woods, startled she reacted on her instincts and decided to bolt.  She didn’t care if it was just a wild animal, she didn’t want to take the risk to wait and find out what it was. Instead she took off running, who knows where. She just had to get away. 

This is it. 

Blair just finished saying her final goodbyes and last minute advice with her stylist. She needed all the tips she could get before the glass case enclosed around Blair’s body. Yet, that time was over and now all around Blair was a glass case. She didn’t dare to panic; she knew if she did it would only result in her dying early in the games and she couldn’t have it like that. She wouldn’t have it like that. She tapped on the hard metal plate under feet, soon it would rise and she would be open for grabs in the arena. Before Blair even had time to thing what next to do, the silver plate started to rise, her hands quickly stuck to the glass wall. She looked at her stylist with crazed eyes; the last thing she saw from him was a tiny nod of the head. Surely, it must be his way of reassuring her, but it wasn’t enough for her to relax. Within seconds she was above ground; all around Blair was green, thick trees. She could work with this she thought to herself. The 60 seconds before they were able to run off felt like a life time. Never had Blair felt the need for time to move faster. She always enjoyed every moment, but now she wished time would speed up. 30 seconds to go and Blair was searching all around her for a weapon, but nothing was there. She sighed heavily, looks like Blair’s score had affected sponsors to send her anything. She wasn’t surprised though; with the mishap she had in the private training session with the game makers, it was bound to happen. 

10…. 9…. 8…

This was it. Blair’s heart beat pounded violently inside of her chest. 

7…. 6…. 5….

It wasn’t until this last few seconds Blair realized she was alone. No blood bath this year. That seemed like good thing to her now that she was defenseless.

4…. 3…. 2…

No turning back now. 


For some very odd reason, Blair didn’t have the urge to take off running. No one was around to harm her, so why bother running. Still frozen in place, Blair waits a few moments before she steps off the plate. The soil under her feet feels alien to her. This was different very unnatural. This is so odd. ”Why aren’t there other tributes surrounding me?” It didn’t matter either way. The minutes she was given to be alive she would treasure. "Alright, so I’m weaponless. This is something I have to fix." Blair walks around the forest for what it seems like a good 15 minutes until she comes across a rock with a sharp pointed tip. "Perfect" She picked up the rock and scanned around for any broken branches. Nothing. Nothing seemed to be broken. She kept walking memorizing everything that she passed by. She would need everything she made eye contact with to help her find her way back here if she needed to. Another 15 minutes of walking she had to do until she finally came upon something useful. A thick branch was hovering over a a large group of boulders. "This could work." Blair pick up the branch gently. She places herself on the ground and pulls the branch over her body and begins to work at it. She works hard carving the branch into something that would be useful to her. A spear would do the best for her right now. It was what she is best at it and the dark branch was long enough for a pretty good length for a spear. The time spent making the spear feels like hours, her hands began to bleed and were numb. She couldn’t feel anything in her hands, she didn’t mind at all. It would be worth it in the end. With a spear in her hand now that she carved it, nothing could stop her now. Sure the spear wouldn’t be as good as the ones from the Capitol, but Blair has experience with carving and it has surely paid off. Now, she had to find a source of water and after that, she would try to find Cora, Aleks, and or Magic. She had to find them, they all would survive longer if they were in a pack.  


Flickerman: Oh, my, my. Blair don’t you look absolutely beautiful, you’re as precious as a gem! Your dress most certainly represents what District 1 is known for. 

Response: Oh why thank you Caesar, you’re certainly too kind. (blushes) Oh and might I add that your new hair color looks fabulous on you! 

Flickerman: Shall we get started now? 3 years back, you had your brother Eli here with as a tribute. He was such an entertainer, it was a real shame that he didn’t come out as victor. I surely was thinking that he was, he was in the final 2 and the odds looked ever in his favor. So, what I’m asking is, what was it like to watch your brother make it to the final 2 and not make it out? 

Response: Umm… well… I really don’t see Eli as not being the victor. Even though he didn’t make it out. I see him as the victor. He was a fantastic brother as well as a tribute here in the games. Getting back to the question though, watching him not make it, it was really hard. Nothing could erase the memory of Eli drowning in his own blood. It was a horrible sight to see. I have nightmares about it every night, but I make it out everyday. So I’m doing alright you could say. *Blair flips back her hair with a slight smile.* 

Flickerman: I’ve heard rumors about you during the first days of the training center. You came off as really sweet but when it came down to showing off your skills, you made everyone know that you were not just sweet, but lethal. Why did you play it out like that? 

Response: I didn’t necessarily play it out like that. I mean really it’s just who I am! I can’t help that I’m sweet, it’s just they way I was raised to be, I guess. *Bliar gives Flickerman a giggle as she straightens out her dress.* The lethal part well, what can I say my brother has taught me well. *Blair giggles once more* 

Flickerman: In the opening ceremonies, you seemed to win over the crowd instantly. The crowd kept crying out your name, with all that going on while you were in the chariot, did you ever feel overwhelmed by the cries from the crowd? 

Response: Oh, not at all! I quite enjoyed the shouting. It gave me an ego boost you could say. Magic and I made quite a great team together, as in getting the crowd excited about the parade. It was such a beautiful experience. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. *Blair smiles sweetly as she fixes her hair in place*

Flickerman: A friendly lady like yourself must have a tons of friends back home. So is there anything you’d like to someone back home? 

Response: I actually don’t have a lot of friends back home. I have two really close friends and that’s it. Shimmer and Scarlett mean everything to me. They were a little distant when my brother had died, but I understand why and I’m glad they were. I was in no shape to be around people during that time and I thank them for that. So really all I could say to them is thank you for everything and I love you with all my heart. *Blair blows a kiss towards the camera as if she sending the kiss to Shimmer and Scarlett.*

I won’t leave nameless. (private training)  

Blair was waiting for her turn to go show the Game Makers just what she was made of. She was sitting on a plush red velvet couch, her legs were crossed, her head was slightly turned to the left, thats where the door was to enter. She knew Magic was just about finished in there. It soon would be her turn, her anxiety kept rising and rising. She didn’t understand why she was so nervous she would do fine and she knew that. The Game Makers finally called her in. This was the time to show them everything she thought to herself. No more, Blair you’re so kind and lovable! No, no more of that. It was time to cut the bullshit. She had to go back to her old ways. It was time for her to be a total bitch again. She needed to show them that she was better than everyone. Just like she did back in District 1. She entered the room and took in all of her surroundings. It was perfect; she really put some good use into this training center. The Game Makers gave her instructions and now it was time for Blair to begin. 

Blair swiftly ran over to the pile of weapons, she slid on the ground to pick up a couple of spears, she dashed back up onto her feet and lunged herself forward to the practice dummies. She was ran so fast she swore she was almost flying. She was about 100 yards away when she sent her first spear in to flight. She hit her target right in the heart, a fatal hit, most certainly. Yet, a fatal hit to the heart won’t stop her she had to make sure there was no chance the tribute would stagger back up and try to shoot at her. Thats when she sent her second spear flying, this time not in the heart, but right through the neck. It was all too perfect, she bound to get a high score just from these two accurate hits. She moved on, still on her feet, she grabbed a bow and slapped it on to her back. She plunged into the river and swam across stream, thats where all the trees were. She jumped out of the river and effortlessly climbed up a tree, placing herself on one of the high branches, she found her target through the leaves and aimed for the dummy just a few feet away from the Game makers. She shot the arrow, swiftly escaping through her fingers and yet again hit the target. It wasn’t a usual hit through the heart but through the eye. It was a clean hit, she had wished it was through the heart again but hitting the eye would do for now. The hit would do just enough for the tribute to fall back and cry out of terror. She climbed down the tree and just a few feet from the ground she jumped, she didn’t land on her feet, of course she didn’t instead she landed on her ass. She had to do more than just shooting, so she decided to set up some snares and start making some traps with ropes. Not her best but it would show the Game makers she could do much more than what they thought. She wiped off the sweat on her sleeve and continued on. She hung a dummy from a tree and surprisingly this had to be the best knot made since the day she had learned to tie a knot, which wasn’t too long ago. She went back to the bow and the Game makers laid out several dummies in front of her. She stood 150 yards away from them. She shot at dummies one by one, not changing her position once at all. She had to show them what amazing aim she had and she did. She didn’t miss a hit, each of them had an arrow through the heart. Time was running out and she knew she had to leave a lasting impression on them. She went up to the nearest tree and took out a craving knife. That’s when she remembered why she had hated the Capitol to begin with. Her brother, her mother, they took everything she had away from her. She began to carve like crazy, she was filled with rage now, she knew what she was doing of course and she didn’t care if this effected her score or not. She’d barely finished when the Game makers asked her to stop. She bowed and thanked them for their time and wished them a lovely day. Before she left she told the Game Makers what she carved on the tree was for her brother Eli. She did it for him and she hoped they would enjoy her artwork. 

What was on the tree was Eli standing on top of the Cornucopia with the other 23 dead tributes at the bottom. She wrote “Eli is the real victor in my eyes” and signed it off with her name: Blair Emerson. 

Training @Cora 

Blair was astonished by all the tributes she had met during the first hour. Each and everyone of them had something unique about them. Cressida: the knives, Aleks: his wit, and Rhiannon: well she wasn’t too sure about her. Blair has already been to the knives and plants station for quite some time and now it was time for her to move on. Axes. She wanted to try out axes. She didn’t know what this could be of use to her in the arena, but maybe if one of the tributes just happened to be stuck in a tree, she could chop them down if she wanted to. Blair walked up to the trainer at the Axe station, he gave her basic information that she needed to know about axes. She became distracted when she heard light foot steps coming up from behind her. She glanced behind her and saw a girl with long glossy hair just like hers.

Training Center @Cress 

Walking in to the training center was such a frightening thought, but Blair had to over come this and enter through the door with her head held high. She looked all around taking in all of her surroundings. Blair shrugged, I guess it’s not so bad she said to herself. The training center they had in District 1 seemed more difficult then the on the have in the Capitol. She could easily breeze through it. There were a couple of other tributes in the center already, she assumed they were merely warming up. Blair decided to join the others, she walked over to a table filled with daggers. She picked one up and examined it very closely. It was light weight and smooth. Just like the ones back in District 1. Blair strolled over to the human shaped like practice dummies and sent her first dagger flying. It lodged into the dummy’s heart. A fatal hit, she couldn’t possibly do any better. Blair was about to send her second dagger flying when she noticed a young dark haired girl watching her from behind. 

Opening Ceremonies  

It was time. The moment had finally arrived for the opening ceremonies. District 1’s chariot pulled up in front of Blair and Magic. It was pulled by two majestic white horses. The horses had gold saddles on top of them. It matched perfect with Blair and Magic’s outfits. Magic climbed on to the golden chariot, he extended his muscular arm offering Blair assistance on to the chariot. She took his offer and easily climbed in to the chariot. “Aren’t you so excited, Magic?! Just in a few moments we will start the ceremonies and every eye of the Capitol will be on us. We will be the envy of the night!” Blair said with glee. Magic just gave her a nod. He looked like he had the jitter bugs so hopefully they would pass as soon as their chariot started to move. She wanted the Capitol to see that they were excited to be here, she wanted to show them that they weren’t afraid. “Remember to smile big and wave gracefully. Maybe even give them a wink or two.” She told Magic with a smile. She was about to say something else to Magic but the chariot began to move. 

Blair suddenly wasn’t herself, she became aware of her surroundings. She looked around the streets of Panem, looking at all of the citizens as they passed by. She smiled so greatly that her muscles in her cheeks started to hurt. She waved ever so elegantly, she even threw in a couple of blow kisses here in there. Blowing kisses was so cheesy she thought but she wanted to do everything in herself to win over the crowd. She couldn’t help enjoy the sound of the crowd shouting her name. “Blair! Blair! Oh Blair! Hey over here Blair!” This encouraged her even more to win over the crowd, obviously she was already doing a fantastic job but she could do better. She could always do better. She started to blow more kisses and she whipped her hair back gently, this made the streams of gold in her hair sparkle. She glowed in the night, her skin glowed, he eyes glowed, her hair glowed. Everything about Blair glowed. Nothing could ruin her night, everything made her feel like tonight was about her. She of course knew that the other 11 districts were right behind her, soon she would come to the end of the street and the crowd will soon start chanting the other tributes names. She didn’t mind at all though because she knew that the citizens of the Capitol would never forget about her. They couldn’t forget her. Blair Emerson was the precious gem of the night and she always will be. 

They always did say being beautiful was painful.  

Entering the room full of stylist was quite frightening for Blair. They had really odd looks to them all. Some with tattoos on their faces, others with skin dyed to an unnatural color. Why on earth would someone want to dye their skin orange she thought. None of it made sense to her, but then again neither did the Capitol. I guess it all evens out the way the Capitol is like. She wandered around the stylist hoping she’d find something or someone who’d help her find her stylist. She finally came across a station that had District 1’s female dressing room on it. She entered it carefully, not knowing what to expect.  ”Come in my dear, we are all waiting for you.” the high pitched sound was defiantly coming from a woman’s voice. “Don’t be shy dear, please do come in.” Blair staggered forward through the door; she was getting nervous really fast. She hoped her stylist wouldn’t do anything do unimaginable that she would end up not liking like herself at the end of it. “Hello Blair, I’m Adella, I’ll be your stylist’s assistant along with Gia and Ajax of course. We will be doing your preparations and then we will hand you over to Eros, your stylist. So first things first, why don’t you sit on this chair, make yourself comfortable and we will begin.” Adella said with a big grin on her face. Blair could already tell she was going to like Adella. She didn’t look like the rest of the Capitol citizens. Adella had beautiful blonde hair that reach down to her back. Her hair glowed, it was the perfect shade of blonde. Not too dark and not too light. Her eyes we blue as the ocean, shimmered ever so brightly. Her skin wasn’t dyed, it was fair just like Blair’s skin tone. She looked untouched and unaffected by the Capitol, this Blair enjoyed very much. 

Blair motioned herself to the chair, gently taking her place on it. Ajax began to comb her hair but it wasn’t any ordinary combing. He was making her hair seems larger and more full of volume. She defiantly would have fun taking the knots out of her hair she thought. Gia was about to go and wax Blair’s legs but when Gia lifted Blair’s legs up she noticed Blair didn’t have any body hair. “Now what is this?” She asked pursing her plum colored lips together. Unlike Adella, Gia was defiantly into the Capitol trends. Her hair dyed light rose pink and her skin dyed just a shade of pink darker. As for Ajax he looked just like Adella. Maybe they were related but she really couldn’t tell. “Oh, um, well body hair disgusts me so I shave it all off myself.” Blair said in a hushed tone, she didn’t feel quite comfortable enough for her to actually have a conversation with them. “Well, I guess my job is done here. Although maybe I’ll just help Adella with your make up.” Gia stated as she looked over to Adella. “Oh no no Gia, you’ll ruin the girl! Besides, Eros asked me to leave her face alone. We are just suppose to do her hair and take off her body hair. But it looks like Miss Emerson has saved us from doing half our job.” Adella smiled as she ran off to fetch Eros so he can begin Blair’s make up. 

"Ah, Miss Emerson, don’t you look stunning already! I can barely take my eyes off you! Yet, you can look much better with my help of course." Eros entered the room already talking up a storm. He seemed quite normal as well. Yet, he also looked very familiar as if Blair had seen him around somewhere. Perhaps, it was just that he had been the stylist for the past district 1 tributes. Maybe it was that indeed. He had the same green emerald eyes as Blair’s, so maybe it wasn’t that, maybe it was the fact that their eyes were similar. "So lets get down to business shall we?" Eros grabs his make up case and begins to go at her without stopping to give a breather. "Just a little blush here and little gray eye shadow to perfect it." He would say this from time to time which Blair didn’t understand why he had to repeat himself. "So Miss Emerson, how are you going to present yourself for the chariot entrance." Eros asked. "Oh, Eros, you can just call me Blair. For the chariot entrance, I’m going to play the sweet card. I want to make sure all of the Capitol citizens love me. i have no doubt that they won’t of course." Blair stated with confidence. "The sweet card, hmm that would work great with you since your face does give off the sweet and innocent look." He continued to apply on the make up. It felt like he at least put a pound on her face.  "Okay Blair, thats it, I’m finished you are more beautiful than ever yet you still look like yourself. Would you like to take a gander at yourself my dear?" He asked as he started to push her chair to face the mirror. She had no other choice but to look since by the time she could answer, she saw herself in the mirror and she clearly wasn’t ready for what she was looking at. Blair Emerson looked like a gem, stunning gem. 

(Eros) (Adella) (Ajax) (Gia) 

Content within her room.  

She walked down the hallway of the train until she came across a soft baby pink colored door that had Blair’s name printed on. Ooo pink, yes my favorite color. The capitol must know me like the back of their hand she thought as she opened the door. “Wow” was what escaped her lips.  Everything is this room is amazing. Her room had a window seat just like the one back home. Her room was a soft lilac color. She took of her sweater and laid it out on the ivory colored sheets. Everything about her room was perfect. It reached her expectations and more. She looked through her closet and found an ivory colored dress that matched her sheets. A  strapless ruffled at the bottom ivory dress with a baby pink bow wrapped around the dress. She stripped off her clothes and quickly put on the dress. She walked to the mirror and examined herself in the mirror. Gosh, I don’t even look myself. I look almost heavenly. she said out loud to herself. Blair did look heavenly her golden auburn brown hair falling at her mid waist and her bright sea green eyes gleaming through her head. She did in fact look heavenly and she couldn’t believe. She strolled away from the mirror and into the bathroom she went. She sprayed herself with perfume left for her and then headed for the door, leaving her room for dinner.